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How little pleasures make a big difference in the current times.

Posted on July 01 2020

They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It has been more than 100 days of lockdown and while we’re habituated to be home, none of us would say – oh what a pleasure it is. 

It has been painful to see the world in pain and sorrow. Amidst lack of freedom, loss of business and employment, financial instability, and an overall sense of insecurity, there are a handful of people who have managed to have a higher perspective. They stay calm and keep going. They live one day at a time. They acknowledge the little pleasures and smile. 

We call them – UNBREAKABLE people. They are resilient, they are hopeful and they take life one little pleasure at a time. ☺ 

Here’s a list of tiny little pleasures inspired by the unbreakable people. You can resort to them too as we all continue to live the uncertain lockdown life with a smile.

1) Cooking that favorite thing you used to only always order – in (read pasta!)

2) Join a web Yoga class and ace the Suryanamaskar. 

3) Making another round of tea. Shhhh, don’t say how many cups you’ve already had today!

4) Waking up early to watch the sunrise (bonus – hear the chirping birds)

5) Calling a good old friend, after a really long time.

6) Getting lost in a good book.

7) Picking up a quick little DIY and posting it on Instagram.

8) Afternoon nap. Need we say more.

9) Taking an online course on your childhood hobby.

10) Standing at the window to watch the trees sway in the wind.

11) Pitter Patter of the monsoon and yes another round of chai served in your favorite cups.

12) Watching an old classic movie that you haven’t seen in a long time (brownie point – if you manage to make popcorn at home)

13) Cleaning a drawer and knowing the next one to target.

14) Finding an old greeting card hidden under your closet.

15) Sleeping an extra hour on Monday morning.

16) A group video call with friends from college.

17) Adding a plant (or two) to your kitchen.

18) Trying your hand at baking cookies.

19) Moving about furniture to create new and cozy corners.

20) Practicing gratitude every night.

21) Surprising a loved one with a birthday gift sent, just in time!

100 days of lockdown or no more lockdown, isn’t it always the little stuff that matters? Give some of these a try and if they work, do not forget to give us a pleasant little shoutout on @stallionbarware on Instagram. 


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